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What is SAR?

SAR is the acronym for “Specific Absorption Rate”.

A person is exposed during his life to several types of energy.
One of them is produced by a radio frequency of an electromagnetic field.

The absorption rate of that energy by the human body is measured in SAR.

A common place where a person is exposed to this energy is when being checked by a MRI device.

However, the most common exposure to this type of energy is when using a mobile phone.
Cell phones emit radiation and every individual device has its own value. The specific number for each device is measured during a 30 minutes call when the cell phone is near the ear.

This concept is important as it is related to cancer, there is a probability that this type of radiation causes cancer.

Here is one way to reduce the radiation exposure:

Another great way to reduce the radiation exposure is simply by connecting earphones to your device while using the smartphone.

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