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Nokia Corporation is a multinational company founded and located in Finland.

Its main activity is nowadays communications and information technology.

This is a summary of its long 151 years history.
The company was originally founded as a pulp mill, in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer.

After the establishment of the second pulp mill, Fredrik Idestam and his friend, Leo Mechelin decided to establish a shared company and they called it Nokia, after the name of the town where the new pulp mill was founded.

Until 1922, Nokia was a forest and power industry company, with activities such as electricity generation.
During this year a new partnership with Finnish Cable Works and Finnish Rubber Works.
45 years later, the three companies merged together to create the Nokia Corporation, handling activities in rubber, forestry, cable, electricity and electronics.
During the 70s, the old/new company started entering the networking, radio and also producing for the military industry.
Nokia also started making not only military equipment but also professional mobile radios, telephone switches, capacitors, chemicals and personal computers.

Nokia’s first mobile phone was a car phone.
The year is 1982, the Mobira Senator was the foundation of the new venture, mobile phones and afterwards, smart phones.

In 1987, the Mobira Cityman 900 appeared. It was the first Nokia’s portable mobile phone.
During the coming years, Nokia continued to innovate and its products were well accepted all over the world. The important milestone is in 2003 when the Nokia 1100 became the best-selling mobile phone of all times.

Mobile gaming was another path to success and a byproduct, the popular Snake, became also a main stream of income.

The Company added a new success to its collection becoming also a successful phone camera maker, in 2006 the N93 was the first of a future tradition of quality and sophisticated phone cameras.

Meanwhile, two serious competitors started to take over Nokia’s market share. These big companies started conquering the market with iPhone OS and Android and brought Nokia almost to bankrupt.
They had no choice but establishing a partnership with Microsoft that ended in the sale of its mobile and devices division to Microsoft.

As of today, Nokia is still present to the market, at a smaller volume, compared to what it used to be.

Sample of the Nokia N800 Tablet:

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Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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