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Cell Phone Battery Charger

Cell Phone Battery Charger

Owning a cell phone is a great idea. It allows to send and receive calls and messages, mostly regardless to a specific location.
This option is possible due to a energy power source attached to it, the battery. Nowadays all batteries are rechargeable.

Cell phones are also called mobile phones, they can function everywhere, provided they receive the needed energy.
That’s why is important to take care of recharging the battery.

There are several types of charging devices.
The original charger is he most important one, as it is configured to match the original battery, and it will function without overcharging after the battery is full charged.
It receives the energy from regular electricity on the wall.

Other type of charger receives energy from a computer, using a USB cable.
This option could be universal, for all kind of phone, provided it uses the appropriate USB cable.

The same principle as above, applies when the charger is powered by solar energy.

The car is also a source of energy, taking advantage of the car battery.
In some cases, car chargers are combined with other functions, as FM transmitters and a MP3 player.

A new charger is conquering the market, it is like an extra battery, called “power bank”. It transfers the pre-charged energy to the smartphone, acting as a battery backup or as a second battery.

The last type is a wireless charger and it is compatible with certain cell phone models.

This video shows how to charge a cell phone in an emergency case with a 9 Volt battery:

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